ACER ASPIRE 5740G won’t boot with caddy

By C February 14, 2017


Today I bought a SSD and I want to replace my HDD with it. I install the HDD in place of DVD-rom and put the SSD in laptop dedicated space.

When I powered on the laptop was only a black screen. I tried to enter bios but I can’t. I removed the caddy and the laptop worked. Also I managed to enter bios. I’ve switch the HDD back and SDD into the caddy, same problem.
This problem was caused by my bios firmware version. The version that was installed on the laptop was V1.09.  After I updated the bios version to V1.28 everything worked fine in any hardware configuration.

The steps for the update :

  • boot windows only with one drive (to boot)
  • download bios version from
  • extract and use the method you prefer from readme file (i’ve made the update using the executable)
  • after updating bios, switch off the laptop, attache the SSD or HDD and switch on

I hope this will help you.




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