Grandpre will sing “You Raise Me Up” for his solo performance

By Cosmin Robu February 12, 2015

Performances of the group’s 43 singer dancers will include a medley of songs from Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons from the Tony Award winning musical “Jersey Boys,” along with solos by graduating seniors and show tunes from the Keynotes competition show, a press release said.The Cabaret is the vocal music department’s final annual event and the “swan song” for graduating seniors, said Nancy Rees, parent spokesperson for the event.”The Keynotes performers begin learning their competition performance in the summer before school begins and practice together throughout the year,” said Rees.Patrick Grandpre wholesale nfl jerseys, a senior who has participated in Keynotes for three years, said the group’s “Jersey Boys” medley is “a lot of fun.””It brings you back to the older days with swing music,” Grandpre said wholesale jerseys, adding that the songs follow a small town band’s life with girls and hardships as they grow popular.Grandpre will sing “You Raise Me Up” for his solo performance.Senior Grace Moore has participated in Keynotes since a freshman. In her first year of high school, she worked on the Keynotes’ crew, and joined the group as a performer her sophomore year.”(Keynotes) is a really big part of the choir program and a big family atmosphere,” Moore said of her reason for joining.For a solo, Moore will “My Funny Valentine,” accompanying herself on the piano.”It’s a great song a good message and has a great melodic line,” Moore said, who explained why she enjoys performing.”I get to become the character in the song (and) come out of my shell,” she said.Jordyn Rees, a senior, has participated in Keynotes for two years.”I have so much fun when I do it,” Rees said. “I enjoy the people.

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