Mourinho praised his side after the game

By Cosmin Robu October 22, 2014

At almost all levels, people HATE to be told what to do. Tips and helpful advice like no recall or has ult or left, no stun are more notable and less ignored, but if you say things like, “Fuck you Tracer or way I shot him”, then you just wasting comms and people will be more likely to get tilted by you or ignore you/leave comms. Still just depends on the team and seems hit or miss to me..

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china “Whereas this seems to be a geriatric campaign.”Sir Julian, a former railway clerk who clawed himself up to be chairman of the Bank of Wales and is worth pounds 60m, was yesterday suffering with asthma and too ill to elaborate on his battle plan.Earlier he said: “I love Wales and have done everything possible to promote it and everything Welsh, but I don’t think an assembly will be good for the nation from a business point of view.”Who’s going to pay the cost of it and what good is it going to do?”Sir Julian ran into controversy last year when he offered to contribute up to pounds 3m towards the cost of building a new Roman Catholic cathedral in Cardiff.The plan was rejected by Archbishop John Aloysius Ward on the grounds that the present building was adequate.Others were more critical of the offer. The Very Reverend Administrator of St David’s, Fr Bernard Whitehouse, 70, said: “Sir Julian is a generous man, I’m sure. But would it be a Roman Catholic cathedral he is proposing or a Hodge cathedral?”Sir Julian, who is a socialist and long standing friend of Viscount Tonypandy, the former Commons speaker, wants the anti devolutionist campaign to be non political.The Yes campaign is to be stepped up tomorrow with a conference addressed by Ron Davies, Secretary of State for Wales wholesale nfl jerseys from china.


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